Sunday, October 10, 2010

Music is Power

Music is within each and every one of us, and that is powerful. This video clip highlights the world science festival where musician Bobby McFerrin sings with an audience of (what is mostly likely) scientist, and shows each and every one of them that they all have music inside of them. That shit is madness. He has the audience sing a simple scale and while they sing he improvises a little. He then extends the scale to notes that he hasn't taught the audience yet, but all are able to continue to sing along, without really knowing what they're singing. Observe:

Although they didn't sing anything too musically complex, the fact that all audiences are able to do that is mind blowing crazy ass shit. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it all. That's why we (as humans) all (generally) enjoy music. Regardless of genera, or preference music is so enjoyable to people because it's universal and within us all. I leave you with one of my favorites:


  1. this is a good follow up post to the previous one

    I have a new post on GTL Everyday too :)

  2. Music is important and I do agree that it flows through all of us.

  3. agreed fully, power to the iPod!

  4. Great read! Looking forward to reading your next post.